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Install Privy on BigCommerce
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A unique Privy code must be installed on your BigCommerce store to display your onsite campaigns, track visitor behavior (e.g., campaign views), and share other account information. The Privy app for BigCommerce performs this installation automatically without the need for development skills. If you would prefer or need to place the code manually, please follow these steps instead. 

If you're using a different provider, please review the instructions outlined in this guide instead. 

Features of the integration

Installing Privy will not modify your store theme or change any store settings when installed through the marketplace. Installing the app will enable the following: 

  • The triggering and display of your Privy Convert campaigns (e.g., Popups) on your site
  • The collection of analytics information tied to your site and campaign pageviews
  • The creation and management of unique coupon codes for BigCommerce within Privy
  • An option to export contacts directly from Privy's contacts dashboard to BigCommerce


To install the Privy app for BigCommerce:

  • Visit Privy's listing in the BigCommerce App Marketplace.
  • Click the Get This App button, provide your account credentials, and select the appropriate account if you have more than one associated with your information. 
  • On the app's information page, click the Install button. 
  • On the installation page, check the confirmation box and hit Confirm.
  • Click Connect on the prompt and select a specific Privy account if more than one is detected. 

That's it! You'll now see the Linked Accounts section of your Privy account with BigCommerce listed as an active integration. 

Manual install

The automatic installation provided by the Privy app for BigCommerce is recommended for most users. Please confirm that this option does not fit your situation before proceeding.


To perform a manual install, you must determine your theme type. BigCommerce supports two theme engines: Stencil and Blueprint. Stencil is BigCommerce's latest technology, and all new stores only have access to Stencil themes. However, older stores use the legacy theme engine, Blueprint, which cannot render scripts inserted through the Script Manager.


Please use the steps and visual examples listed below to determine your store's current theme engine. The two engines offer distinct menu options and graphic styles. Due to the number of variations and customizations of themes, specific manual guidance cannot be provided for each theme available to users of the two theme engines.

Manual install for Blueprint Themes

To manually install Privy on a BigCommerce store using the Blueprint Theme:

  • Copy your Privy Code from your Privy account's settings. 
  • From your dashboard in BigCommerce, select Storefront Design. Under Design Options select the Themes tab and then click HTML/CSS options. If you haven't made any previous changes to the default theme, you'll need to duplicate it before proceeding.



  •  In the new window, find and select the Header.html section from the sidebar.



  • Paste the copied Privy code to the bottom of the Header.html page, then click Save

Manual Install for Stencil Themes

To manually install Privy on a BigCommerce store using the Stencil Theme:

  • Copy your Privy Code from your Privy account's settings. 
  • From your dashboard in BigCommerce, select Storefront > Script Manager from the sidebar.
  • Click the Create a Script option at the top-right. This will open a screen with form fields to create and install the Privy Code. 
  • Input a name and description that clearly indicates the code relates to Privy. 
  • Select the Head option under the location settings. 
  • Select the All Pages option under the page settings. 
  • Select the Script option under the script settings. 
  • Paste the copied code into the Script contents area and Save


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