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View and Filter Contact Profiles
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The information collected about your contacts is stored in their contact profiles. These profiles are viewable and filterable based on various contact attributes, detected attributes, and tags. These filters allow you to quickly identify segments of your audience for additional review or export. 

Filter your contacts

To filter the contact profiles in your account:

  • Navigate to Contacts via the main navigation. 
  • Apply the desired filter(s) via the sidebar menu and then select the Filter button. Any contacts that meet the specified criteria will appear on the dashboard. The number of contacts that meet the criteria will appear at the top of the table and in the With X contacts dropdown menu. 


Use your filtered contacts

With your contacts filtered, you can now: 

  • Select individual contacts to dig into their information in more detail. 
  • Export the contacts to a CSV or linked account. 
  • Delete the contacts in bulk. 


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