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Use the "Build Your Own" Display Designer
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The Build Your Own designer allows you to create the visual components of the displays that your customers will see when visiting your store, such as pop-ups, flyouts, and banners. This option offers expanded customization opportunities through a drag-and-drop interface and is only recommended for users with a good understanding of what makes a display successful, as every setting and design decision is configured manually. For a more streamlined experience and a simpler process for creating your displays, use one of the pre-built examples available on the Plays Dashboard.


This tutorial, though a little longer than usual, will walk you through the entire design process and should help you understand the capabilities you have to design your displays within Privy.

Access the designer

  • On your Privy Dashboard go to Convert>All Displays.
  • Click on the New Display button.
  • Select the Build Your Own option located in the top right corner.
  • Name your display and then click on Create Display.
  • On the resulting page click on the Add display option.
  • From there you will be able to choose a variety of templates that are completely editable. Once you choose the desired template click on Choose Selected.
  • You will then be taken to the Build your own editor to edit the display.
  • Once you apply the needed changes to the design click on the Save button and if needed edit the target and follow up steps before publishing your display.

Designer overview



Get inspired

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