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Unsubscribe Contacts

Unsubscribing is removing an email address from a mailing list so that it does not receive any further contacts. Every email campaign on Privy includes an unsubscribe link, allowing subscribers to opt-out at any moment. These links are critical for your marketing strategy because they prevent you from sending emails t…

How to Export Your Contacts

Export your contacts to a CSV file or directly to one of your linked accounts. Exports contain personally identifiable information (e.g., Email and Name), basic analytics (e.g., Sessions and Pageviews), tags, and custom properties with names under 64 characters. All of this information is clearly labeled in the export…

Create and Manage Contacts

A contact is an individual whose interaction with your business has prompted the creation of a profile in your Privy account. The information stored in these records empowers you to create more focused displays via audience targeting and enables you to send eligible recipients marketing or sales communications. There…

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