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Use Product Segmentation

In Privy, purchase follow-up and abandoned cart messages can be sent to customers based on their order history or what they've left in their cart. This product-based segmentation allows you to send relevant product messaging and personalized recommendations to customers, which are both powerful strategies for driving …

Create and Manage Contacts

A contact is an individual whose interaction with your business has prompted the creation of a profile in your Privy account. The information stored in these records empowers you to create more focused displays via audience targeting and enables you to send eligible recipients marketing or sales communications. There…

Use Audience Targeting Conditions

Privy's audience targeting rules are a collection of conditions that allow you to target individuals with specific displays so that you can show the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Multiple conditions can be applied to a single display to target specific audience segments like first- time mobile…

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